Best Ethnic Restaurant in 2014 and among the best 3 ethnic restaurants in the last 4 years

Anatolia open lunch buffet on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 11:30 am and 2.30pm


Veggie Guvec Shish Kebap Mix Kebap Lamb Shank



11:00 am - 10:00 pm


11:30 am - 09:30 pm


Address: 405 E.4th. Street Bloomington Indiana

Phone: (812) 334-2991






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What is Anatolia

One of the great crossroads of ancient civilizations is a broad peninsula that lies between the Black and Mediterranean seas. Called Asia Minor (Lesser Asia) by the Romans, the land is the Asian part of modern Turkey, across Thrace. It lies across the Aegean Sea to the east of Greece and is usually known by its Greek name Anatolia.

Asia Minor juts westward from Asia to within half a mile (800 meters) of Europe at the divided city of Istanbul, where two suspension bridges over the strait of Bosphorus link the two continents. Asia Minor is also bordered by the Sea of Marmara on the northwest. The area of the peninsula is about 292,000 square miles (756,000 square kilometers)





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