“Being gluten free and vegetarian I enjoy the Mediterranean mushroom which like all entrées comes with a fresh salad/slaw and rice!” Erin G. Bloomington, IN (


“Since it was chilly outside, my friend and I opted for a floor cushion table, which made the experience feel all the more authentic. I can't tell you enough how delicious this place is!! If you're feeling Turkish or simply want to be adventurous and want to try a new cuisine, Anatolia is a great place to start. I can't wait to get back and try out their patio!” Amber M. Indianapolis, IN (


"Great price for the amount of food you get." Tiffany K. Spencer, IN (


"I really enjoyed the atmosphere, service and food at Anatolia. I had the Mixed Kebab plate with Turkish hot tea. The food was well plated and the assortment of meats used was fantastic. The atmosphere (floor cushions to sit on) was authentic and provided for a great eating experience. I will certainly come back again." Hiro K. Winnetka, IL. (


We would like to thank all our guests for their kind and sincere reviews. Anatolia Restaurant





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